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Sky Songs MP3 Downloader is a download manager for the Sky Songs service
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Sky Songs MP3 Downloader is a download manager for the Sky Songs service. Sky Songs is an online repository of music, with lots and lots of artists available. The Sky Songs MP3 Downloader is simply a download manager that allows you to download music from the website and save it on your computer in the MP3 format. Now, the Sky Songs service isn't free, but the download manager is. The pricing scheme for Sky Songs is on a monthly basis. You pay around ten dollars per month for basic service. If you are in the UK, you can stream music from the website directly, which eliminates the need to download the music.

Files that are downloaded from the Sky Songs website are bigger (in size) than regular MP3 files, that is because they use no compression at all for their files, to achieve better quality.

The download manager is incredibly basic. A bit too basic I would say. There aren't any options for you to change. The only two settings that you can change are the location of your download folder and what to do when a download finishes. There are three options: do nothing, add to iTunes, or add to Windows Media Player.

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